Peregrine Investments


Peregrine Investments is a closely-held, multi-strategy investment firm that invests in public and private innovative, rapidly growing companies.  We strive to create multi-generational growth by identifying, investing in, and managing the best long-term ideas.  Peregrine follows a long-term, concentrated investment strategy in its public equity portfolio.  In its private equity strategy, Peregrine invests both directly and indirectly with strong long-term strategic partners to develop entrepreneurial businesses. Whether public or private, Peregrine Investments works as a team to compound growth efficiently for the long-term.


We have a vibrant, collaborative corporate culture that emphasizes teamwork, humility, continuous improvement, and long-term thinking.  We work in a deliberate manner and focus our time on in-depth research.  In order to make data-driven investment decisions.  We achieve our investment goals as a team through open communication and collaboration, working together to strengthen the Peregrine Family and Community.



Internship Program

This is a part-time internship position in the field of investment management.  This position is ideal for a student, either graduate or undergraduate level, who wants to learn more about asset management, long-term investing, public equity markets, private equity markets, and the operations of a diversified investment firm.

The internship is a unique opportunity to build practical finance, accounting, and research skills in a collaborative environment.