Lease/Division Order Analyst


Lease/Division Order Analyst

Peregrine Petroleum is a private exploration and production company generating sustainable long-term growth within the onshore Continental United States.  Peregrine delivers results through a collaborative interdisciplinary approach focusing on repeatable trend plays with long-term investment potential.  Peregrine team members act with integrity and honesty and operate in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Each member contributes to and is accountable for the Company’s success.

 Basic Function:

  1. Maintains oil and gas leases and all related instruments and/or documents which supports the validity of Peregrine interest
  2. Prepares and maintains documents which initiate the division of all proceeds from the sale of oil, gas, condensate, and other products from producing wells
  3. Processes contractual obligations under terms of the leases to assure proper identification and control of Peregrine’s land interests
  4. Performs financial and cost accounting activities, and assists in the preparation and monitoring of the Land Department’s operating and capital budgets so as to provide current and “as needed” information to management.

Nature and Scope:

The Land Department is responsible for securing the legal rights to land in which Peregrine has expressed an interest to operate, maintaining land and lease records, processing rental and royalty payments, and furnishing information for management of thousands of contracts covering oil and gas properties in multiple states. The Lease/Division Order Analyst is a support position which is accountable for:

  • analyzing acquired documents,
  • data entry on the PetroComp system,
  • timely processing of required payments,
  • reviewing, monitoring, and coordinating income and expenditure items that affect the Land Department’s portion of the capital and operating budgets,
  • accurate and timely preparation and execution of division orders,
  • maintaining accurate and complete departmental records.

The Lease/Division Order Analyst is part of a team which handles all the company’s acquisition, exploration, and production land matters for all the company’s real property assets. As a part of a team, the Lease/Division Order Analyst supports the Landmen as they work to properly manage Peregrine’s assets focusing on opportunities to add value to Peregrine.


  • Analyze land records involving oil and gas leases and related land contracts.
  • Provisions in leases, contracts, drilling, and operational reports and relative correspondence are read, interpreted, and coded as appropriate into PetroComp, which support the delay rentals, shut-in, and minimum royalty payments.
  • Initiate proper documents and correspondence to satisfy these contractual provisions or seek documentation for the Landmen.
  • Incoming and outgoing lease assignments, lease surrenders, release of drilling rights, unitization, communitization and pooling agreements, farmout and operating agreements, incoming and outgoing invoices, rights-of-way, etc., are types of legal documents regularly analyzed and maintained by the incumbent.
  • Prepares appropriate forms and determines proceeds from the sale of oil and/or gas produced, determines the timing and calculates amounts of royalties and shut-in payments, monitors daily/weekly well reports to ensure proper lease maintenance.
  • The incumbent processes land documents and records, monitors and acts on changes that occur in these areas, and compiles reports for management’s review. After investigating lease/contract terms, this position consults with geologists, landmen, accountants, and staff operating personnel to clarify drilling operations, unitization, rental, and royalty payments.
  • Wells drilled on Company leases by outside operators are also monitored.


The incumbent must be familiar with lease terms and their implications, calling attention to inconsistencies. The incumbent is challenged by a broad range of complex and intricate leases which requires constant monitoring.

Strong math skills are essential to calculate the Division of Interest, in percentages to the eighth decimal place.

A working knowledge of contract and mineral law, land ownership, oil and gas production are necessary.

Being organized and meticulous with details is of paramount importance.

Due to the nature of ownership regarding mineral rights, the number and variety of legal instruments to cure title can be complex and numerous. The incumbent must be able to read and assimilate various legal instruments and title opinions to determine proper division of interest.

Effective communication with with operators, purchasers, owners, attorneys, brokers, abstractors, and county/parish personnel is primary in obtaining information and processing various legal documents required to clear title and execute division orders.

The position is challenged by a volume of wells against a pressing time schedule for royalty disbursements. Adjustments to the division of interests are ongoing and require constant monitoring and review of well production and ownership changes.


Bachelor’s degree (Energy Management, Accounting,)

10-15 years combined experience working as both Lease Analyst and Division Order Analyst at an E&P company

Strong understanding of lease, contract, and title terms and conditions

Ability to complete projects with limited supervision and under tight deadlines

AAPL, HADOA, or NADOA certification a plus

Experience with Petrocomp a plus

Experience working with state and federal leases within the Williston, and in Texas including University Lands

Experience with Petrocomp a plus

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