Spring 2022 Internship



Department: Investments
Location: Dallas

This is a part time internship position in the field of investment management. This position is ideal for a student, either graduate or undergraduate level, who wants to learn more about asset management, long term investing, public equity markets, private equity markets, and the operations of a diversified investment firm. The internship is a unique opportunity to build practical finance, accounting, and research skills in a collaborative environment.


The Firm

Peregrine Investments is a closely held, multi-strategy investment management firm. Peregrine manages a group of investment portfolios each with distinct investment goals and strategies. Peregrine follows a long term, concentrated, investment strategy in its direct public equity long/short portfolios. In its private equity strategy, Peregrine invests both directly and indirectly with strong long term strategic partners. Peregrine has a vibrant, collaborative corporate culture, which emphasizes teamwork, humility, continuous improvement, optimism, deep work, communication, empathy, and long term thinking. Peregrine has traditionally hired full time employees from its internship program.


The Position

An Investments Intern will be responsible for aiding the investments team in the ongoing management of Peregrine’s portfolios. The position requires intensive work in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. The candidate must have the ability to communicate well in multiple mediums. Tasks associated with this role can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Building financial models
  • Researching publicly traded companies listed on worldwide exchanges
  • Researching privately held businesses across industries and sectors
  • Writing investment memos
  • Updating internal investment meeting presentations
  • Participating in conference calls, taking notes, and adding them to the firm’s research database
  • Assisting in the maintenance of the research database—including the e-filing of presentations, notes, performance numbers, risk reports, and transcriptions
  • Producing reporting packages to assist in the management of the firm’s strategies
  • Working on the firm’s risk reporting
  • Drafting investment presentations
  • Other duties as assigned


The Ideal Candidate

Students pursuing a Masters in Finance, a Masters in Accounting, a Masters in Data Science, Masters in Business Analytics, or an undergraduate degree in Finance, Accounting, Economics or Business. Peregrine is also interested in graduate and undergraduate students studying Biology, Computer Science, Engineering, Computational Mathematics, History, Physics, Security Engineering, Software Engineering, Management, and Psychology. Successful interns have a demonstrated record of high academic achievement. The most successful interns are independent thinkers, who learn quickly, perform at a high level, produce high-quality analytical work, and possess keen attention to detail. Ideal candidates would have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to thrive in a team-oriented, collegial culture, and a passion for investing and the markets. The best interns have a genuine interest in investing.